Thursday, April 23, 2009 Killed internet radio Today...

YEs. today was doomsday for us lastfm devotees in Mexico and many many many countries. On April the 22nd the LastFM Blog announced that they were updating their radio to no longer work without a fee. ($3USD a month! are you nuts!?) for countries other than the US, UK & Germany.

I want to let you know that I'll be on the look for some alternatives. Ok, I know there are none. Last was simply perfect how it was (i specially like the way it integrates with firefox through But thier price is way higher than say, Spotify ($19 vs $36 a year) of course neither service is available in MX... unless, of course -are you thinking what I'm thinking?.. Use a free proxy. It's simple, isn't it? IDK guess I'll have to try it.
I'll be updating.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No updates since before Easter :P & blog redesign.


Y nada que hay actividad en este blogger. :L

La mera verdad es que mi compu ha estado fallando un poco. Para empezar Pidgin se ha estado crashing (se puede esperar de un software open source expandible con plugins de terceros). Así que he estado lidiando con reconocer qué plugin es el maloso y luego enviar un bug report y así. es algo muy divertido, pero a veces pienso que así se construye un mejor software, con la ayuda de los usuarios.

In other news, beginning April I heard about the Pirate Bay trial a.k.a. the spectrial. I was so excited about it. I confess I’ve been to the site once or twice though most of the movies in my hd I’ve searched for directly from Vuze’s torrent search. Now that my computer’s again up and running, I thought I’d post a screenshot of my desktop. (beautified with google desktop and a wallpaper i found on noupe …the photo on the right is one of my facebook friends’ rotating on a slideshow).


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Sunday, April 12, 2009

How Computer Viruses Work

Strange as it may sound, the computer virus is something of an Information Age marvel. On one hand, viruses show us how vulnerable we are -- a properly engineered virus can have a devastating effect, disrupting productivity and doing billions of dollars in damages. On the other hand, they show us how sophisticated and interconnected human beings...

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go Vegan!

=) =) =)

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