Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Friendfeed is u.g.l.y. but I'm beginning to like it 8-O

So, now that FriendFeed has changed a lot (old news, I know) and though I first despised the whole new look (come on, hidden service icons!?) now I find myself liking the new features and completely overlooking the tasteless color scheme. (yea, I did think of getting a Userscript to mend the whole thing but after using firefox for hours I'm falling into a Windows memory crunch all the time -damn you firefox!- so I switched to a dull no-addon firefox =P )
Try Friendfeed and add me to your contacts, it's richer and more enjoyable than the weeny blue bird chat box for sure though I wouldn't say (yet) it will replace it. ;)

Wordle: Does the new FriendFeed suck?

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